Your membership in OCEA entitles you to…

At OCEA, we believe your membership is more than just protection when things get rocky. We strive to support you in your position and help you grow to your fullest potential. We represent you and the passion you bring to the classroom every day. And we provide a community where you can feel appreciated for your dedication and hard work. Our strength is in our numbers, but you’re the key to a brighter future for everyone!

Community & Connections

Being a member of the OCEA is more than just local connections. You’ll become part of the national network for The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), The National Education Association (NEA), and The Florida Education Association (FEA). These organizations are working hard on your behalf to improve school conditions and propel us to a better future.

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NEA Member Benefits

  • Discount Mortgage Rates

  • Financial Advising and Service

  • Retirement and Long-Term Care Planning
  • Group Life Insurance Rates
  • NEA Dues-Tab Insurance
  • NEA Term Life Insurance Plan
  • NEA AD&D Insurance Plan
  • Home Protection Plan
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Magazine Discounts
  • NEA MemberCare Critical Illness Benefit
  • NEA MemberCare Medicare Supplemental Program
  • NEA MemberCare In-Hospital Plan
  • NEA Income Protection Plan
  • NEA Sponsored Gold Certificate CD
  • NEA Sponsored FDIC-Insured Money Market
  • NEA Valuebuilder Program
  • NEA Credit Card NEA Credit Line
  • NEA Today Subscription

NEA Today Magazine
American Federation of Teachers Logo

AFT Member Benefits

  • Education Loans

  • Hospital Protection

  • Mortgage Programs

  • Discount Auto Insurance

  • Discount Home Insurance

  • Free Travel and Vacations

  • Dining Discounts

  • Hotel Discounts Nationwide

  • Discount Life Insurance

  • American Educator Subscription

AFT American Educator Magazine
Florida Education Association Logo

FEA Member Benefits

  • FEA Access Card

  • MyDeals Access Mobile App

  • Members-Only Insurance Programs

  • Financial Services

  • The Advocate Subscription

  • Professional Development

FEA The Advocate Magazine

Professional Support

We believe building a safe environment is essential for learning and growing in our field. We understand teaching students and working in schools can be challenging environments. We know the joy you feel when you connect with the students, and the lesson goes as planned. OCEA wants you to feel supported and protected and to know you have a network of educators behind you.

Educators Employment Liability Program

$1,000,000 Professional Liability Policy is provided to each member with no exclusions.

Legal Representation

Grievance representation is provided to members whose contractual rights have been violated. Your dues cover you! The legal services are available at no charge should your job be in jeopardy.

Attorney Referral Program

Each OCEA member is entitled to two free consultation sessions of up to 30 minutes each on any non-work-related topic (except income tax preparation) during the year.

Professional Development

Members of OCEA receive free professional development courses in ESE, General Knowledge, CPR, First Aid, Classroom Management, and much more.

Local Services

OCEA has available full-time staff members who are trained to assist you. Whether it’s a friendly chat or professional advice, we have a network of members with unique talents and skills to help.

Special Services

OCEA provides free tax preparation for our first-year members.

Voice and Representation

Representing and championing our members is at the core of OCEA’s mission. We’re here to elevate the working standards for all our members, and we’re here to listen and voice your concerns. A strong union works for you, and our strength is in our numbers.

Bargaining Representation

A contract that guarantees the rights of teachers and ESPs regarding salary and working conditions is negotiated by OCEA on behalf of Osceola County teachers and support staff.

Legislative and Political Action

An active bi-partisan lobbying program is pursued at the local and state levels.

Public Relations

OCEA strives to promote Education Support Professionals’ and teachers’ issues within the community. We’re members of both the Kissimmee and St. Cloud Chambers of Commerce. We also sponsor The School-Related Employee of the year annually for the School District.