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The Osceola County Education Association has been serving its members since 1967. We are elevating the experience of educational professionals in the county, with our focus on educating, engaging, and empowering our community. We are more than representation when the going gets tough; we are a community of individuals helping each other.


We are always working on your behalf. Learn about the latest changes to the workplace, observations, and other administrative functions that affect your experience in the school district.


Whether you need to learn the latest tools and techniques, or would like to serve the association, we are here for you. We offer target training and events to build our community and foster partnerships among our members.


Sometimes there are issues in the workplace that require interventions. As a member, we’re here to protect and guide you to the best resolution possible using our vast resources and connections.

A strong union works for you, and our strength is in our numbers. We’re here to elevate the working standards for all our members, and we’re here to listen and voice your concerns. Join today, invest in your community, strengthen the union, and enjoy some nice perks along the way!

FEA's Educating From the Heart Podcast

Educating From the Heart

It’s your source for lively discussion from educators, parents, and students on the issues that matter most to public education in Florida. In each episode, you will hear the struggles and the successes in our schools directly from rank-and-file educators as well as local union leaders from around the state.

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FEA Delegate Assembly

If you are experiencing issues, or have concerns, with our insurance and/or Center for Employee Health, please visit the link below. Members of OCEA are trying to compile all the issues, complaints, and concerns to get them solved in a timely manner.

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