Know Your Rights

There is no such thing as an “unofficial” or “informal” meeting!

DO NOT sign or agree to anything. DO NOT make or write a statement.


Remember: Prior to answering questions or making a statement to an administrator, law enforcement, DCF or DOE investigator.

Ask: What is the purpose of the meeting? What possible consequences may occur as a result of the meeting?

State: “I am willing to cooperate with the investigation; however, I am requesting that the investigation be rescheduled at a time when I can have a representative of my choice present.”

Contact the OCEA office
Phone: 407-870-4648

Grievance Process

Grievances can be filed when an administrator violates the contract.

Contact the OCEA office for guidance – The OCEA President and/or staff will write the grievance on behalf of our members


We can’t represent you if you’re not a member.  Don’t wait until after an issue arises to find representation. Make an investment in your career for your rights, your voice, and your association.