2022-2023 OCEA Application

Thank you for your interest in OCEA, we hope you join today.  You can use the online form below to submit your application through the website. Or, you can use the download button below to print, fill out, and send the application through the district’s internal mail system.

Online Application Form


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    Payment Options

    Payroll Deduction. I hereby agree to pay and authorize my employer to deduct the dues and assessments described below as are certified by the Association to the School Board for each year thereafter from my salary and direct and authorize my employer to pay such amounts to the Association in accordance with payroll deduction procedures in effect; provided, however, I may cancel my membership and this authorization by completing the official OCEA Drop form and submitting it to the Association notifying them of such revocation as provided by law.

    Cash Member. I hereby agree to pay to the Association the dues and assessments described above and as may be prescribed by the Association and certified to the School Board for each year thereafter. Payment is due by September 1, 2022.

    Payroll Deductions (20 Checks)

    Instructional - F/T - $32.28 Per paycheck / $645.60 Cash
    Non-Instructional - All ESP = $16.52 Per paycheck / $330.40 Cash

    Signature of Acceptance

    Recruiter Information

    OCEA is not able to represent a new member for an event or situation which occurred prior to the membership application being processed. Members are responsible for payment of dues when on leave of absence or FMLA

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    We need you! A strong union can elevate the standards of your work environment. But more than just an advocate for your pay scale, we’re here to make the teaching experience better. We offer professional development, member get-togethers, and perks through several different programs. Join today and invest in your future! 

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    Dues deductions

    • $645.60 – Full Time Teachers  ($32.28 per paycheck)
    • $330.40 – All ESP ($16.52 per paycheck)
    Dues Rebate—Earn Back Your Dues