OCEA Committees

  • Many of OCEA’s programs, services, and benefits are delivered through its committees.
  • The OCEA President appoints committee Chairpersons and members.
  • Committee members are ESPs and teachers who volunteer their time to assist their colleagues through committee work.
  • Committee activities are determined by the Goals and Objectives of the Association and approved by the Association Representatives
  • Chaired by the OCEA Treasurer, this committee has the task of REVIEWING THE BUDGET developed and implemented by the General Membership in May.
  • Each month they meet and review all income and expenditures. Each line item is reviewed, and adjustments are discussed to present to the OCEA Association Representatives at our monthly meeting.
  • The Budget is audited yearly by an independent CPA.
  • All financial policies must be followed.
  • The Association is a member of the Central Labor Council that meets once a month in Orlando to discuss issues of interest to a variety of constituents and share that information with other unions who are members of the AFL-CIO.
  • Members are recommended by the President and approved by the Association Representatives.
  • Members shall be “sworn in” at a CLC meeting to be eligible to have voting privileges.
  • The CLC will also assist in matters as needed by the Association.
  • As a democratic organization grows and changes, the documents by which it is governed also change.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee reviews the Association’s governance documents each year and makes suggestions that will allow the Association to work more efficiently.
  • The committee helps your Association by making sure the governing structure and rules are efficient, workable, and more importantly, have membership input in the decision-making process.
  • Legislation affects education. That’s why the OCEA Government Relations Committee is so important.
  • Liaisons are established with legislators to keep them informed of your needs as a professional educator.
  • Prior to and during the legislative session, committee members lobby legislators about the bills that affect the profession.
  • Pending legislation on collective bargaining, governance of the profession, school finance, or contract status is discussed fully.
  • In addition, the committee keeps track of each legislator’s voting record, thus making them more accountable for their actions.
  • The Grievance committee is trained in contract interpretation, helps monitor the contract in each school, and helps prepare for contract negotiations with the SDOC.
  • When a teacher files a grievance, it is this committee that reviews any grievance that goes beyond a Level 3.
  • The committee will make recommendations to the OCEA Executive Board and Association Representatives on whether or not a grievance should be taken to arbitration.
  • The Elections Committee oversees all elections for OCEA. This includes the election of officers, executive board members, delegates to state and national meetings.
  • They also coordinate the ballots for ratification of both contracts.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for a year-round campaign, as well as membership maintenance throughout the school year.
  • Committee members are available to assist the Association Representative in contacting potential members.
  • Enjoying working with people is an important characteristic of committee members.
  • Keeping an accurate account of OCEA’s membership is a large task and is handled by the office staff.
  • The committee helps members get the most for their money by addressing consumer issues. They bring in experts on financial planning and taxes for free seminars for members and finally, this committee organizes the social events of OCEA.
  • The task of this committee is to oversee OCEA’s Minority Affairs.
  • It develops programs that deal with inter-personal and inter-group relationships, and promotes understanding, unity, and communication among all groups within the education community.
  • The MAC has the responsibility for studying, reviewing, and monitoring minority concerns.
  • This committee assists in such activities as Minority Leadership and Women’s Leadership training.
  • This Committee has the task of preparing questions and interviewing candidates running for office in order to make recommendations to the membership, as well as to the Central Florida Labor Council, for endorsement as to who is friendly to our educational issues.
  • The Public Relations Committee has taken on a variety of tasks related to members as well as OCEA’s image in the community.
  • The committee is charged with exploring ways to better communicate with members and publishes the OCEA newsletter.
  • The Social Committee is responsible for year-round fun, as well as membership maintenance throughout the school year.
  • One of the most important ways to keep people connected is to provide a space to fellowship.
  • Strong bonds are created because of a shared significant emotional experience.
  • In the military we call them “foxhole buddies.”
  • This committee will oversee the Associations web site. They will make recommendations to be given to the Webmaster.

Joint Committees with SDOC

Bargaining Leadership Teams

Teacher Chief Negotiator Janet Moody | ESP Chief Negotiator Barbara Gleason

  • The Bargaining Leadership Teams members are recommended by the OCEA President each spring.
  • They meet monthly with the District to develop a strong contract for our members.
  • The Team also meets the Monday prior to meeting with the District to develop a strategy.

BLT Sub-Committees

This committee meets to review any issues or proposed changes to the evaluation procedures for instructional personnel. This is for classroom teachers who are observed with the Marzano guidelines and the non-classroom teachers.

This committee will meet to review the District’s budget and work toward a salary agreement which benefits all members.

This committee meets to discuss the needs of the Virtual Education teachers in the SDOC.

This committee meets to develop a program enabling ESPs to be able to receive training to obtain a higher paid position while on the job.

  • This Calendar Committee meets annually to discuss the calendar for all employees of the School District of Osceola County (SDOC).
  • OCEA has three (3) seats on this committee which may be Teachers or ESPs.
  • Once the committee agrees on a calendar for the upcoming school year, it is presented to the SDOC for approval.
  • This committee meets annually to review the matrix which is used to determine student behaviors and consequences when needed.
  • There are three (3) members from OCEA on this committee. One each from elementary, middle and high schools.
  • OCEA has five (5) Teacher members and two (2) members.
  • The Insurance Committee consists of members and District personnel which meet monthly during the school year.
  • They review expenditures for health care claims and other voluntary insurances.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are based on the needs of our members.  Each group is independent of each other and develops the direction in which they operate.

  • ESE Focus Group
  • African American Focus Group
  • Latino Focus Group
  • FYRE
  • Media Specialists
  • Republican Focus Group
  • Democratic Focus Group

Union Management Meetings

Union Management Meetings provide our ESP members with the opportunity to meet with the District employees which oversee each job family.  Often resolutions are developed which assist out members in being successful in his/her daily jobs.

  • Clerical
  • Extended Day
  • Nurses
  • IT
  • Para-professionals

Join a Committee or Focus Group

Use the following form to join a committee or focus group.  Please include the name of the committee or focus group you would like to join in the message.