Bargaining Press Release
Education Support Professionals
Osceola County Education Association
May 23, 2024

The Osceola County Education Association and The School District of Osceola County have reached a tentative agreement for the Education Staff Professionals after a meeting on May 23, 2024. This agreement includes a 4% raise for all ESP in the district with no changes in premiums to the insurance provided as a district benefit.

OCEA also successfully negotiated a pay differential of 76 cents per hour or $1000 more per year for ESP working in self-contained classrooms. While the district had offered a $750 supplement, OCEA requested a pay differential because it gets money into the pockets of ESP faster than a supplement. Both OCEA and SDOC agreed the goal is to retain individuals working with the district’s most needy population which will ensure a more stable learning environment and better learning conditions.

After weeks of negotiating, the district has also agreed to a $500 supplement for computer technicians who will be assigned to work in more than one school. OCEA will continue to negotiate the working conditions surrounding changes created by these assignments. However, this supplement is a step in the right direction.

Another big win for ESPs is the return of Labor Management Meetings. OCEA and SDOC agreed to contract language which will guarantee working conditions will be addressed when needed for each of the departments represented by the union.

Vice-President LaShanna Ward said, “I am excited that a collaborative agreement has been reached prior to the end of the school year.”