The Uni-Serv Director’s role is to fully represent the member as best as possible. This role is to gather the facts of any incident a member is confronted with and defend the member’s rights under the collective bargaining agreement accordingly. This role also embarks being a part of the bargaining units for Instructional and educational professionals. Hearing the voices of every member and bringing concerns and solutions to the negotiation table. The Uni-Serv Director will also serve as a trainer of the union’s association representatives on campuses. They will conduct different organizational meetings to introduce what we, as a union, provide and represent adequately.

Juan Figueroa

Hello, everyone. My name is Juan Figueroa, and I am honored to be your new Uni-Serve Director. As the son of an educator, I see how overwhelming this profession can be. I have a mission to work tirelessly to serve each one of our educators and professionals to the best of my knowledge.

I look forward to working hand in hand with everyone to reach the best outcome for everyone. I am here for you and because of you.