The budget Governor DeSantis signed today for teacher raises was approved by the legislators in March. 80% of the money allocated is for classroom teachers, as defined in state statute, making less than $47,500.  20% for everyone else. In the budget, Osceola County was given $9,685,131 for those classroom teachers making less than $47,500. 20% would come off the top for charter schools.  Then 20% would be for taxes and District’s required FRS contribution. Leaving a balance of $6,198,483.84 for the teacher below $47,500 in our county.  That amount is NOT enough to bring everyone up to $47,500. The legislation passed stated that we would be moving all teachers “towards” that amount not to it.

If every classroom teacher was moved to $47,500 it would cost $10,129,810.  Some teachers would get $6,400 raise and one unfortunate person would get $50.00. We are roughly $4,000,000 short to bring everyone to that amount.

The good news is that pre-k teachers were included.  There are 253 non classroom teachers who are not a part of the $9,685,131 money who make less than $47,500.

The money allocated for all others is $2,421,283 again 20% for charters and 20 % for FRS and taxes leaving $1,549,621.12. The number of teachers in each group keeps changing.  Roughly 42% of all teachers make more than $47,500.  Those individuals who make $47,550 are also excluded from the larger amount. There is some wiggle room, but not much.

The money is recurring, but the legislators can always vote to rescind it.

Your bargaining team will be working the numbers carefully. This raise, from our elected officials, is NOT fair to all teachers and NOT enough. Our hands are tied in how we can bargain raises for this year.

It’s important that we VOTE in November. Vote for candidates who are willing to support us from all political parties.