How does the retention incentive supplement work? Does it include all years of teaching experience or only those in SDOC?

It can include years outside of SDOC if you brought those years w/ you when you came to SDOC. Within one year of your hire date, you should have verified your experience years. The best move is to verify w/ HR.

If you have ten years of verified eligible experience, you will receive $50 for each year. Example.12 years x $50 = $600. The best move is to verify w/ HR.

Flex day, has it gone away?

Not exactly. J Boyd sent the information to administrators at the beginning of the year. Please take Oct 15th or Mar 11th if you qualify for a flex day.

ESE supplement. Will gifted teachers qualify for this?

Not as the language is written. SDOC recognizes there is a very demanding work environment for ESE teachers at this time, and they wanted to incentivize them to stay. OCEA’s request for this contract was to include all ESE teachers, including Gifted, VE, and self­ contained teachers in the supplement. OCEA also requested to not only expand the supplement to additional teachers, but to nearly double it to $1,500 from the current $823.

ESE supplement. Will VE teachers be eligible?

If you are classified as a Varying Exceptionalities (VE) Teacher in TERMS as of September 22, 2021. Based upon this information, you would be eligible for the new $1500 ESE supplement once both parties ratify the tentative agreement.

Doesn’t the District have millions of dollars in reserve that they could dip into to increase salaries?

Correct. State policy is 3%, but School Board policy calls for 6%.
Currently, SDOC is holding well above that percentage. That seems like a question for the School Board.

For those earning less than 47.5k who worked hard to get highly effective would they get $800 regardless of their evaluation score?

No, not if I understand the question. It depends. For example, if you are not grandfathered and make $46,100 and are highly effective, then you will get moved to $47,500. You will get $1,400, not $800, not the $1150.

Retention supplemental pay

So, what you are saying is we are going to get the retention supplemental pay based on our years (over 10) for 2 years. Then after the 2 years, I am guaranteed to stay at that pay with the potential to earn more?

No, it is a one-time, non-recurring supplement this year and there is another one-time, non­ recurring supplement for next year. The $800, $900, or $1150 salary increases will stay the same ( your pay will not decrease by that amount) contingent upon the recurrence of the Teacher Salary Allocation or its designated equivalent as appropriated by the Florida Legislature each subsequent school/fiscal year per state law. That said, salaries are always a subject of bargaining. I think your school board member would be interested in hearing your concerns if they want to keep quality teachers in Osceola County for our students.

When should we see all the changes take effect?

Plan to see changes on your paycheck in Dec, but you can hope for Thanksgiving. Changes must be ratified by members/potential members AND approved by the School Board or we go back to the bargaining table.

Did OCEA settle too early?

The original salary and benefits proposal from August 5, 2021, was $6.2 million. The final tentative agreement included a $13.9 million improvement for our members. The team thought it was best to see how the members and potential members felt. Your vote will determine the outcome.

Will bargaining continue to work on improvements to the contract even though this is a two-year deal?

Yes, absolutely.