These are my notes, you may or may not agree with them, but I hope you analyze the film and draw your own conclusions. Actually, try having a civil conversation with someone who sees things differently than yourself. Speaking of which I would love to have a conversation with the people who are so passionate about the New Teacher Center. The office number is 407-870-4648.
:28 min
Talented kids. We definitely need more displays like this. They reminded me of why we are here.
:52 min
Public comments
:56 min
Just because you are uncomfortable talking about race and racism does not mean you are a racist in my opinion. It would have been better if the presenter or the administrator had recognized your discomfort and asked your permission to keep going or had a private conversation instead of putting you on display.
Begin the discussion of a series of cartoons in the curriculum. I’m not sure which grade level or in what context (class discussion, homework, supplemental materials, etc)
We need to set a good example for our students. Even when we think they are not watching or listening, they are!
Everyone should honor the 3 minutes.
The audience should be quiet.
When we argue by talking over each other we make Osceola County look bad and more importantly little gets accomplished.
Personal attacks rarely persuade someone to see your point of view.
Arguello seems to be advocating for all students to be treated fairly. Pace seems to be saying give kids the resources they need to succeed. Opportunity should be equal, but outcomes are not going to be equal.
Arguello – “ if you’re white it’s this size and if you’re not it’s this size“ Is he saying there is institutional racism in SDOC? But how is that a one size fits all system?
Thank you, Mr. Bass, for trying to get the Arguello and Pace to simply take turns speaking.
Much respect to Castillo! I admire your patience. No one wants to give Osceola County a black eye publicly by having citizens escorted out of a school board meeting, but that’s probably what I would have done. I’m glad you did not, but you are a more patient person than I am.
Exploring the possibility that there is such a thing as institutional racism does not necessarily mean an educator expects more or less from a student. That’s on the individual educator. I learned about students to better understand their mindset. Each kid, just like adults comes to the party with different baggage. My job was to meet them where they were and help them along their journey as far as I could.
I had to leave the meeting, but that’s why I have an executive board. It is not a one-man show. Well done!
Differentiated Instruction vs Critical Race Theory
Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. I’m not sure how the two relate, but it is a conversation we need to have as a community.