Thank you to everyone who was there to participate. We are all busy, but this was important enough for you to show up.
14 min – Our kids rock!
21 min – Our kids rock!
34 min – Growing our own teachers
41 min – When integrity and training meet a situation. So very proud of this young man.
53 min – Superintendent’s update. Were you involved in this survey? Do the survey results reflect your experiences?
2 hrs – Public comments. Exercise your Democratic freedoms.
I do not agree with many of the decisions the SB makes, but I must acknowledge some things they do well. One of the things I appreciate is they allow each person 3 minutes to speak directly to them in a public forum. I have been to the Florida House and Senate committee meetings when they have decided not to have public comments at all or limit public comments to 2 min, 1 min, or even 30 seconds. Imagine driving 5 hours to speak to your elected official and you can’t. It makes you feel like a peasant soliciting the king.
2 hrs 7 min – Teacher comment on lopsided bargaining. What is BrassRing?
2 hrs 11 min – Parent comment on personnel shortages
2 hrs 13 min – Parent support for ESPs because they are the primary caretakers of kids like his child
2 hrs 16 min – Teacher addressing grade recovery and graduation rates. I wish she had a little more time to tell us her suggestions
2 hrs 20 min – Teacher suggests a solution for unexpected emergency situations
2 hrs 22 min – Teacher highlights how other districts financially acknowledged their ESPs and how SDOC has the financial means, the opportunity, but not the will to do the same to incentivize our ESPs to continue serving our kids in Osceola County.
2 hrs 29 min – Teacher supports ESPs
2 hrs 30 min – ESP tries to paint a picture of what role ESPs play in the life of our children ( students) and how little she’s been compensated. They do much more than most people are aware of. She questions if we are ensuring the safety of our kids.
2 hrs 45 min – It got interesting.
3 hrs 10 min – Canoe Creek K-8 kids crossing the road. Listen to the entire debate.
3 hrs 13 min – tax split
After the meeting – A couple of members and I were just beginning to discuss our views of CRT. I think it would have been a civil conversation leading to a better understanding of someone else’s perspective. That is what I wanted as a classroom teacher. Unfortunately ( fortunately ) a reporter wanted to speak to our members so the conversation was halted.