OCEA's Bargaining Leadership Team meeting with SDOC.

The first Instructional bargaining meeting for the 22-23 school year was September 8th, 2022. 

Instructional Staff Survey indicated your priorities are:

  • Compensation in the form of a salary increase
  • Supplement increases
  • Cost of living (COLA) increase

We approved a change in Article XVI: Professional Compensation (16.02) Retired Educators/DROP.

  • Beginning the 2022-2023 school year, Instructional employees who are hired on or after July 1st,2022, and who are receiving retirement benefits under a public or private retirement system shall receive credit for all verified years of experience for the purposes of professional compensation.
  • Instructional employees who are eligible under the terms and conditions of item (1) shall receive salary adjustments retroactive to the employees start date but not earlier than July 1st, 2022.

We signed the MOU for a Unified Schools Improvement Grant (UniSIG) for Highlands and Central Elementary schools.

OCEA proposed the following items:

  • Class size workload amendment
  • Additional pay for substituting and auto­ splitting
  • Supplement increases

Other concerns discussed were:

  • Additional trainings sent after the pre­ planning
  • Withholding 4 checks at the end of the school year (24 pay)

Additional Comments

  • Salary negotiations for the coming school year are in the initial phase and are ongoing. Please be clear: salaries are tied to evaluations.
  • The state is constantly changing the rules and enacting laws on this.
  • Contact your Florida State Legislator. https://feaweb.org/ issues-action/find-your-legislator