Recently, people have questioned why OCEA endorsed Will “Coach” Fonseca, candidate for Osceola County School Board, District 4. There is no hostility between OCEA and Heather Kahoun. We will work with the prevailing candidate. 

That said, I hope this helps you understand why we think Will “Coach” Fonseca is still the better choice. We believe he is the better hope for Osceola County students to reach their full potential and for the employees to get fair consideration in the decisions affecting them. 

OCEA Endorsement Process

The Political Action Committee (PAC) does the leg work. They craft and then send questionnaires to each of the candidates. Once the candidates complete the questionnaire, the PAC schedules an interview. During the interview, they may ask questions that were not on the questionnaire, or they may ask clarifying questions. After the interviews are complete, the PAC makes a recommendation to the OCEA Executive Board.  

At the time of the interview, the candidates were assured these videos would only be seen by our members. In light of the negativity being displayed in this runoff election, we asked each candidate if we could publicly display their interview. 

Will “Coach” Fonseca’s interview and Heather Kahoun’s interview are available on our YouTube page

Will “Coach” Fonseca’s Interview

Heather Kahoun’s Interview