For all members, we’d love to offer you the chance to earn a dues rebate this year. It’s no secret that a union is only as strong as the members it represents. We need your help to continue growing our membership. You, our members, are our best salespeople because you understand our value. Whether it’s building connections, providing support, or being your voice, the union will help you grow as a professional and support you throughout your career.

Dues Rebate

So, how does a dues rebate work? For every new member you sign up with the union, you’ll earn back $10. And if you can get five new members to sign up, we’ll give you an extra $50. That’s $100 for signing up five new members to the union.

I’m Not a Salesperson

Selling isn’t everyone’s forte. We get it. Tell the person why you decided to join OCEA and how the union has helped you become a better professional. Approach the conversation as providing career support rather than selling them something. We highly encourage our members to build good working relationships with their coworkers and administration. But there are times when misunderstandings and miscommunication happen, and that’s when you need a guide on your side. OCEA is here to provide you with the guidance and support you may need. You are our client, and we are focused on helping you first. 

While the union is there for the negatives, we’re also here for the positives. We’re working towards increasing pay and elevating workplace standards to keep this an enjoyable profession. Be sure to take a look at our Member Benefits page. You’ll notice we can help build community & connections, provide professional support, and be your voice and representation. Be honest and authentic, and build personal relationships. A strong union works for you; our strength is in our numbers.