Due to pending legislative changes, Teacher and Education Support Professional unions across Florida are losing the right to withdraw union dues directly from members’ paychecks. Rather than waiting for this law to be signed by the governor, OCEA/FEA is proactively helping members sign up for eDues today! 

This process allows dues to be withdrawn directly from your bank account on payday, twice per month. Enrollment is essential to remain in good standing with our union. Sign up today by requesting your personalized eDues link below. The link will be sent to your personal email address. 

On 4/21, ALL members will receive this personalized link! The sure way to keep our union is to switch to eDues now! Without doing so, we stand to lose critical benefits, protections, and possibly our union itself!

Start the sign-up process.

This simple form will inform our office you need the official email for eDues registration. Be sure to check your email for additional instructions after submitting this form. (This is not an automated system so responses may take a little while).

    Need More Help?

    Join us at one of our upcoming events for more help.

    Date Location
    4/19 Gateway High School
    4/20 Kissimmee Elementary
    4/21 OCEA Office
    4/22 OCEA Family Day
    4/24 Hickory Tree Elementary
    4/26 OCEA Office
    4/26 Osceola High School
    4/27 Broadway Pizza
    4/27 Ventura Elementary
    5/1 Kissimmee Middle School
    5/2 Cypress Elementary School
    5/3 Harmony High School
    5/4 Broadway Pizza
    5/12  Big Foot Axe Throwers

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    It’s Time to Take ACTION - eDues is Coming!

    FEA’s 10-minute meeting notes regarding eDues.

    I'm sticking with my Union!

    A presentation about recent legislation and the rollout plan for eDues.