OCEA’s ESP bargain team met with SDOC tonight. SDOC proposed a one-time $1,000 payment. OCEA counter-proposed a one-time $1,500 payment and a guarantee for a COLA adjustment for next year. We also requested to bargain again next week to address this issue ASAP. As you can see from Dr. Pace’s email, they do not seem very receptive…let’s change that!

What can we do??

  • Email the board members and Dr. Pace to let them know to treat our essential support staff with more respect!
  • Attend the board meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 at 817 Bill Beck Blvd to show your support for ESPs!
  • Spread the word on social media and put pressure on SDOC to support our ESPs!!

Let’s show SDOC that we are a UNION and stand together!