Per our contract, all annual contract teachers must be notified in writing of his/her contract status for the next school year by the second Monday in May.  Here is the process which will be used this year for notification if we have not yet returned to school.

  1. All annual contract teachers being recommended for renewal will receive an email from Human Resources on May 11th notifying them of his/her status for the 20-21 school year.
  2. All annual contract teachers not being recommended for renewal will receive a phone call from his/her school’s principal notifying them that they are not being considered for renewal. They will also receive an email from his/her principal stating non-renewal.
  3. Teachers who have not met all requirements for certification will automatically be non-renewed. (Yes, the state extended the date to finish requirements, but a teacher may not be renewed if they haven’t finished all requirements)
  4. If a teacher is non-renewed for certification issues and his/her principal would have renewed them, a spreadsheet is being kept at the district level. Once certification issues are cleared he/she should be rehired.

At this time, there are roughly seventy-seven temporary certificate teachers who have not yet met all requirements for certification. Any and all workshops and courses taken must have documentation sent to certification help in the district’s email system as well as a copy kept at your home school.

Additional employees also have to meet the requirements for renewal of certificates. Hopefully, we will be able to offer ESE certification classes in June.