Our petition has ALMOST reached 5,000 signatures!

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have already signed! Seeing such loving support for the educators of Osceola means the world to us. Working in a school, in any capacity, can be extremely rewarding but also extremely challenging. If you’ve been there, you understand how even the smallest sign of gratitude can be a game-changer for an exhausted employee. Seeing 4,900 signs of gratitude is truly unbelievable. We feel seen and appreciated. THANK YOU!

Now, if only the School District could also make us feel that way…

We believe they can!!

On Tuesday, December 6th the Osceola County School Board will meet in a private executive session to determine their response to our Cost-of-Living Adjustment request. If the board truly cares, they CAN act before the holidays. OCEA requested weeks ago to go to the bargaining table on December 8th to respond to the December 6th decision. However, as of right now, SDOC has not agreed to this. Furthermore, we have it on good authority the Superintendent’s bargaining team has no intentions of meeting to discuss the issue with the OCEA bargaining team before Winter Break. This sends a clear signal that they do not actually intend to help their employees through the holidays or beyond.

But there is time to change their mind. We cannot be in the room to sway their decisions on December 6th. But we CAN be in their inboxes!

We are asking supporters to email each board member, the superintendent, and the chief negotiator to remind them that even though this fight began in October, we have not lost any urgency. With each day that passes, educators face more and more economic stress. Especially as we head into the holidays, we are stretched thin. Just as all other expenses have increased, so have the cost of holiday gifts. Every educator should be able to give back to their loved ones this year. A Cost-of-Living Adjustment can make this possible. And meeting with OCEA on December 8th can make it official before the holidays.

So, can you help us make this happen??

You can find an email template and the email addresses for all the decision-makers here! Uncomfortable with emailing? Continue sharing our petition with friends and family on social media and in person. We know that most people need to see posts multiple times before they’re willing to interact with them, so sharing the link again may get a fresh wave of support and would REALLY help the educators in Osceola!

We want to believe that SDOC wants to do what’s best for educators and to use taxpayer money as the taxpayers desire. Your support will push them to get there. Every action counts.

Thank you!!