Have you noticed that conditions in education can feel hostile at times? At OCEA, we support you and advocate for better pay and working conditions. One of the most important reasons to join is to protect your contract. You may no longer receive the benefits OCEA has fought for without your contract. We need you to join us today to keep your contract safe!

OCEA is Fighting Hard

One of the biggest wins recently is the substitute pay increase this year. But, there are other items OCEA has bargained on your behalf, including start times, duty-free lunches, and due process. And we’re still fighting for you. We understand that a $1,000 supplement is not enough. But this is also double the originally offered amount and more than the average raise for the 2022-23 school year. And we will keep working towards a cost of living adjustment for all educators in the School District of Osceola County.

There are Benefits to Joining

OCEA will make you a confident educator through our advocacy and support. But, there is more to joining OCEA. Take a few moments to read about the member benefits. And as an ESP, your membership costs are half of those for the teachers, and we never collect dues over the summer months.

You could win $250!

If you join by May 8th, we’ll enter you into five drawings for $250. And remember, if you join now, you’ll also receive your first month free. Join today and become a confident educator knowing your career success is always our priority.