Change can be difficult. And switching to eDues is no different. While the process is simple, you may need some help or support as you complete the paperwork.  We’re doing our best to make stops at all of our schools. Over the next two weeks, look for us at the following work sites.

5/10/23 – Zenith, Reedy Creek, Mill Creek
5/11/23 – Toho and Harmony High
5/12/23 – Neo City and anyone that claims me
5/15/23- Parkway, St. Cloud Elementary, PATHS/Otech
5/16/23 – Harmony K5, BellaLago, Canoe Creek, Poinciana Elementary
5/17/23 – West Side, Boggy Creek, OCSA, New Beginnings
5/18/23 – Celebration K8, Central Avenue, Discovery Intermediate, Harmony Middle School
5/19/23 – Deerwood, Chesnut, Lake View, Liberty High School

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